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Forget Me Not Animal Sanctuary of Las Vegas is a 501(c)(3) organization on a mission to save less fortunate animals in our city. We are a true non-profit organization with a strict no-kill policy.

Become A Sponsor Today!

Become A Sponsor Today!

Please consider becoming a monthly sponsor for animals like Dudley today!

Please consider becoming a monthly sponsor for animals like Dudley today!


What does it mean to become a Sponsor?!

Sponsoring is a great way to contribute to helping those without a voice and support local animals in need. When you become a Sponsor you are helping us to cover the on-going costs of caring for our resident rescue animals. These costs include expenses like each animal’s feed, medical care costs, shelter, supplies and overall care. These animals stay here as long as they need, receiving plenty of love and companionship until they find loving families of their own.

You can sign up for our Sponsorship Campaign today and become a sponsor who contributes on a weekly, monthly or an annual basis. Each animal we have in our care has their own monthly average care costs.

Sponsoring an animal in honor of another kind human can be a really great gift for your friends or family, too! Give the gift of compassion, one that lasts all year and allows an animal in need to live out their best life.

And please remember, just because an animal already has a sponsor, does NOT mean that you can't sponsor the same animal! You can even sponsor them all and contribute to overall costs. If you have any questions please visit our Contact Us page and submit your inquiries there!

You can start sponsoring an animal today by selecting a donation amount, and donation schedule, below!

Help Feed and Care For Our Animals!