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Forget Me Not Animal Sanctuary of Las Vegas is a 501(c)(3) organization on a mission to save less fortunate animals in our city. We are a true non-profit organization with a strict no-kill policy.


Fred's Forever Home.


With the help of Pawsitive Difference Pet Rescue, we pulled and saved this little man from the Animal Foundation. He is the sweetest 15 year old chihuahua in the world.

Ready for Fred's freedom ride.

Ready for Fred's freedom ride.


While he was being fostered, we received contact from Sharon who wanted to meet lil old Fred. She met us at the vet for Fred's checkup. It was love at first sight; she was taking him home no matter what.

Fred and Sharon meet for the first time.

Fred and Sharon meet for the first time.


Fred did not want to leave Sharon's side -  look at his lil paw on her leg! Sadly, we found out that the lump on his head is cancerous and he has a heart murmur; the vet estimates that Fred has around a year to make some excellent memories. We're so glad we made it in time; it's never too late for love.

Fred has settled right at home with Sharon and her family.