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Forget Me Not Animal Sanctuary of Las Vegas is a 501(c)(3) organization on a mission to save less fortunate animals in our city. We are a true non-profit organization with a strict no-kill policy.

Mama Cora


Mama Cora

Forget Me Not ASLV

Status: In Foster Care
Adoption Fee: $80

Name: Cora & Her Babies
Age: 1-1.5 YO
Breed: Russian Blue


We rescued Cora from the streets a few weeks ago after being contacted by a friend of ours who needed some help with her! They were finally able to trap her and we were able to accept her into rescue, get her checked out by our vet and into foster care where she can get cozy, be loved and have her babies in a safe place.

Cora gave birth to five adorable and healthy babies on February 17th, 2019. She is doing great post-birth! She gave birth to four all gray kittens and one pure white kitten!

Cora will be vaccinated, microchipped and spayed when her babies are old enough to be weened off and it’s safe for her. Her babies will also be fully vetted when they are old enough and placed into their forever homes!

We already have a few application in for the little ones but sweet and loving Mama Cora will be looking for her forever home shortly, too!  

Interested in meeting the Cora and her babies? Please submit your adoption application with your formal interest!