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Forget Me Not Animal Sanctuary of Las Vegas is a 501(c)(3) organization on a mission to save less fortunate animals in our city. We are a true non-profit organization with a strict no-kill policy.


Copy of Bugs & Chip.


Status: In foster care
Adoption Fee: $55 each, $95 together

Name: Bugs & Chip
Age: 3 & 2 months
Breed: Unsure


This photo of Bugs and Chip was taking maybe a week or so ago and they were so tiny! I can’t get over how fast these babies have grown and how big they’ve gotten! They’ll be in foster care starting this weekend while we fully vet them and search for their perfect forever homes!

Linus & Lucy.


Status: In foster care
Adoption Fee: $80 each

Name: Linus & Lucy
Age: 8 & 9 months
Breed: Red Point Short-hair


World, meet Linus and Lucy! Linus (on the right) and Lucy (on the left) are brother and sister that we rescued from the shelter! They are almost 10 months old, spayed and neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. These baby blue eyed babies are Red Point Short Hairs and are just now getting used to what it’s like to be loved and have seemingly never been exposed to cuddles before in their life 😢They are really great with other cats, as well as dogs, and are simply just the sweetest and most fiesty little babes out there.


Aren't they just the cutest?!



Status: Adopted!
Adoption fee: $200

Name: Gussie
Age: 4
Breed: Dachschund/German Shepherd/Lab Mix


More than a month ago this amazing girl wondered into the yard of a friends as a stray after being lost for who knows how long. After searching for her previous owners for weeks she has been accepted into our rescue where we will completely take care of her in every way! She is approximately 4 YO and is great with both cats and dogs as well as children. She can be a little frightened with strangers but she warms up very very quickly and just wants to be loved. Gussie is a mix of breeds that just turned out perfectly - we are kind of thinking Dachsund and a little bit of German Shepherd mix but we can't confirm. When she came to us she was in heat and may have just had a liter of puppies.. she is now spayed, microchipped and fully vaccinated. We will keep everyone updated on her progress. She is accepting adoption applications now and really wants to meet you!



Status: Adopted!
Adoption fee: $80

Name: Mae
Age: 3 months
Breed: Domestic short hair


WORLD, SAY HELLO TO MAE! Mae is the newest kitten to join our rescue family. She was rescued by us from a local kill shelter last week! This feisty big-eyes chick is just 3 MO and will be fully vetted as soon as she gains just a little more weight! At 2.5 lbs she's a little to small to be spayed and fully vaccinated so once she gets some fat put in her she will have everything she needs done to begin searching for her forever home! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!



Status: Adopted
Adoption Fee: $150

Name: Ross
Age: 10
Breed: Terrier Mix


SAY HI TO ROSS! This is the newest rescue to join our little family! Ross is an elderly terrier mix who was found roaming the hard street of Las Vegas by a loving home. Ross is so good with other dogs, loves absolutely everyone and is even learning some basic commands like sitting! Stay tuned for updates on this dude and submit your interest if you'd like to meet him when he's available!