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Eugenia Benton

Status: Trying to get healthy!

Name: Frank
Age: 12
Breed: Domestic short hair


This poor baby was found a few days ago by a friend in their neighborhood. When found, he was having problems breathing, had open wounds, bones sticking out, and a runny nose.

When we first found him.

After two extensive visits in 19 hours, we got some info. He had another round of blood work done and his white blood cells were more than 4 times higher than the expected and than the normal count. He also has high proteins and globulins which indicate chronic infection. There was some fluid in the lungs which is causing him to have a really hard time breathing - he is having breathing treatments to help cure some of those issues so we hope that helps. He has cataracts in BOTH eyes. Severe nasal discharge and congestion on both sides - this could be infection, a polyp, or cancer. He also has discharge from the left eye. He has a balding spot on his forearm which is due to him constantly pawing at his face. 

Staying strong.

Staying strong.

Finally able to leave the vet's office.

Finally able to leave the vet's office.

He was able to leave the vet after a couple of days of breathing treatments, IV fluids, and appetite stimulants. He still isn't eating yet but we're hoping that his congestion has cleared up enough to where eating becomes of interest. We've sent a copy of his last blood panel to the lab so they can tell us specifically what might be causing his high levels of white blood cells. If we don't see a change in appetite soon, we will be back to the vet and he will have to be fed through a feeding tube, which of course we don't want! But we will do what we have to to give this handsome the comfort he deserves.

The vet visits have totaled close to $1500; we are in desperate need of donations. We are 1000% non-profit so all donations are tax-deductible and will go towards helping Frank and others like him. You can make donations through the 'Donate' button on the bottom of the page or you can even call Island Pet Hospital at (702) 645-7387 and tell them you would like to contribute to Frank's bill. Every little bit helps! Stay tuned for more updates as we go through this journey with Frank.


Eugenia Benton

Status: In foster care
Adoption Fee: $200

Name: J
Age: 1
Breed: Chihuahua & Dachshund Mix


SAY HI TO J! J is a new rescue who we saved from a local shelter. This good looking dude is a Chihuahua and Dachshund mix! He's up to date in all of his vaccines, microchipped, and neutered. He's been showing us a lot of personality lately and with him being so young he is going to need a family with patience who will be ready and willing to allow him to adjust and then help him with some training. Submit your adoption application now!


Eugenia Benton

Status: In foster care
Adoption Fee: $80

Name: Smith
Age: 5 weeks
Breed: Domestic short hair


Last week, this little baby was found behind our founder's workplace. He was either dumped, lost, or forgotten about all together. A coworker was sweet enough to give him a place to stay overnight and we accepted this handsome fella into rescue the following day. We've named him Smith. We immediately got him seen by our vet and was told he was about 4 WO. We had some tests run and he was cleaned up a bit - he was found in such poor conditions with quite the odor. 

Smith is now with one of our best fosters being treated the way he should. When he's ready he will be adoptable but for now please submit your interest via an adoption application. He will never be forgotten ever again.


Eugenia Benton

Status: In foster care
Adoption Fee: $200

Name: Topaz
Age: 2
Breed: Australian Cattle Dog & Catahoula Mix


SAY HI TO TOPAZ! Paz for short! Paz is an unbelievably gorgeous Australian Cattle Dog and Catahoula mix. This baby girl was surrendered a local shelter with her siblings. She is up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and spayed. Extremely loyal and great with other dogs; don't you want to add her to your family?

Plus, she helps with the laundry. SO. MUCH. TALENT.

Plus, she helps with the laundry. SO. MUCH. TALENT.